"Striped Honeyeater" Plectorhyncha lanceolata"Striped Honeyeater" Plectorhyncha lanceolataDistinguished by its short pointy bill and slender build , one of my favourite honey eaters.

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Chris Morecrofts " Quality Bird Images " specialises in Australian Birds of the highest quality.

Although I have my favourites my photos include , Raptors, Honeyeaters,Robins,Wrens,Waders,Waterbirds,Birds of Prey,Kingfishers and many more.

All pictures are suitable for high resolution digital or hard copy form for printing.

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Many years of experience in photography I now put my energy into Bird photography.

You will find many Australian bird species on my site and I am continually updating and adding more.

All photos are taken in the wild with all care taken not to disturb the Birds or habitate.


 Enjoy Chris Morecroft





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Australian Bird Images

Bowra Queensland july 2016

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Bowra Queensland july 2016

Australian Waders - Shorebirds and Migrants to Australia.

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Australian Waders - Shorebirds and Migrants to Australia.

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4.togel hongkong(non-registered)
Your images are breath taking and so superbly captured. They told the story perfectly
3.Barry and Dianne(non-registered)
Just checking out your photo collection. They are just wonderful. The action shots are amazing. Well done.
2.James Doyle(non-registered)
Some nice photos Chris!
Hello Morcy , Love your pics :-)