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Forest Kingfisher-Todiramphus macleayiiHooded Robin-Melanoddryas cucullataAustralasian Grebe-Tachybaptus novaehollandiaeForest Kingfisher- Todiramphus macleayiiOsprey-Pandion hallaetusGrey Goshawk-accipiter novaehollandiaeForty spotted Pardalote , Pardalotus QuadraginiusGrey Goshawk-accipiter novaehollandiaeForest Kingfisher-Todirampus macleayiiScarlet Robin - Petroica boodangPeregrine Falcon, Falco peregrinusPeregrine Falcon , Falco peregrinusFemale Scarlet Honey- eaterBrahminy Kite , Haliastur indusMagpie Geese.Scarlet Honey-eater , femaleBlack Falcon , falco subnigerMistletoebird , Dicaeum  hirundinaceum , FemaleFreckled Duck, Stictonetta naevosaPink-Eared Duck, Malacorhynchus membranaceus